How Can I Get the Most Value on My Car When Getting It Appraised?

Whether you have a new or used car it’s important to understand how you can get the most value on your car when you’re getting your vehicle appraised. Trading in your vehicle offers an opportunity for shoppers looking for a new vehicle to purchase. It’s expected that you want to save money when you’re buying a new car, which is why we’ve compiled a guide you can follow to get the most value for your vehicle at the Castle Buy Center.

Increasing the value of your vehicle starts from the beginning of owning your vehicle. It’s important to invest time into your vehicle for regular maintenance check in’s such as tire rotations, oil changes, replacing your brake pads, and other precautionary steps to keep your car performing at its optimal level. After every maintenance or repair, our Vehicle Acquisition Specialists at the Castle Buy Center recommend that you document these maintenance and repairs in your cars service manual. Additionally, if you purchased new tires or any new additions to the vehicle within 6 months of trading in your car be sure to save those receipts. By documenting these purchases and investments in your vehicle you have a better chance of getting more value for your car. giant checklist

Another factor in getting the most value on your car when getting it appraised is based on cosmetics. We would recommend getting a quality wash, wax and vacuum to make your car look like it’s in the best shape. By spending a bit of effort in the details of your vehicle this will increase the value of your car. However, its crucial to find a middle ground. Don’t break the bank to make your car look better, especially if your car is significantly old. Just note that you want your car to look like it has been well taken care of over the time you’ve had it so spending an extra $100 on getting it detailed can go a long way. If you have small dents you can always find a mobile paintless dent remover to fix these small issues. Lastly, remove all your personal items from the interior and trunk of your car.

If you want to find out exactly what the value of your vehicle is you can stop by or contact any of our five Castle Buy Center locations in Illinois and Indiana. Our Castle Buy Center locations are in Villa Park, Illinois, North Riverside, Illinois, Elk Grove Village, Illinois, Portage, Indiana, and Michigan City, Indiana. If you want to get an instant online offer you can click here and bring this offer into any of our five locations in Illinois and Indiana.

5 Simple Tips on “How to Get the Most Value For My Car When Getting It Appraised”

  1. Keep All Repairs & Maintenance Documents
  2. Wash, Wax, & Vacuum
  3. Detail Your Vehicle, But Don’t Break the Bank
  4. Remove Small Dents, if Possible
  5. Remove Your Personal Items from the Interior and Trunk

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  1. It was helpful when you said to get a wax and vacuum. My sister was telling me a couple of weeks ago about how she and her husband want to look into selling their car since they plan on getting a new one in a couple of weeks, and they want to make sure that they can get a good appraisal on it. I’ll make sure to pass this information along to them as they search for an auto appraisal service for their car.

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