Where To Return Your Car at the End of Your Lease in Indiana

We understand that returning your lease can be a headache, whether you’re a previous buyer or returning it to a different dealer. There are concerns about condition, buyout, trade in’s, along with simply keeping the vehicle. The anxiety that can creep along when the time arrives can be overwhelming.

No worries, we got you covered as Castle welcomes you to any of our Indiana dealerships to make this process easy and simple. All of our Indiana dealerships have a designated Castle Buy Center equipped with experts in the car buying and selling industry. If you are searching online for “sell my car” and you’re entering the end of your car’s lease or you’re looking to sell your car early on in your lease we have several options for you. 

Our Castle Subaru dealership and Mitsubishi dealerships in Portage, along with our newest addition Castle Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Chesterton, Indiana are here to help and guide through any leased situation to help prepare you for your next vehicle decision. Even if you didn’t buy your vehicle from us.

Returning a leased car to a different dealer:

In some situations it makes sense to simply return the lease to the dealership you purchased your unit from. However, you should be fully knowledgeable on all the options you have such as returning your leased car to a different dealership. What if that dealership isn’t as close to you, as Castle is in Indiana? Did you truly like the customer service from your purchase? Maybe the service wasn’t the best, or you’re just ready to try elsewhere. As long as we work with your manufacturer, Castle has access to the same options as the dealership you originally purchased from. Most importantly, considering you’re giving us the chance to earn your business from another dealer, we have the opportunity to be even more aggressive towards getting you the best deal imaginable, and joining the Castle family.

Lease car return inspection

As we mentioned earlier, we know thoughts can run rapidly about vehicle conditions when it’s time to return your lease in Indiana. One very essential factor of any return is the leased car inspection. Dealerships typically contact you a few months before your lease is up and an inspector will be available to pre-warn you of any notable issues and what you could be charged for depending on the severity. This period gives you enough time to look into options towards potential solutions so you’re not scrambling at the last minute.

Here’s also an excerpt from an edmunds.com article that should help you prepare for your inspection.

“Before the inspection, experts recommend removing all personal items and washing the vehicle. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars, but a detailing job might also be a good idea. It’s definitely to your advantage to present your car in the best light you can.

It also might be the time for some touch-ups.

Are there light scratches? Some cut only through the outer layer of paint called the clear coat. A thorough detailing can sometimes eliminate these scratches.“

No one expects a vehicle driven for multiple years to come back the way it was bought. Dents, light scratches, door dings, etc…. are a part of the game. So be sure to think a step ahead and take care of any light precautionary measures you can before inspection. 

How to return a leased car early:

This aspect may seem simple but as the customer you may have more options than you were aware of when returning your lease early. You could do what is called a lease transfer where you simply transfer the remainder of your lease to somebody you trust. They’d be taking the same conditions you originally agreed to.

There’s also the ever so popular trading in for another vehicle option which is very similar to full purchases as the value of your vehicle is compared with the buyout price. And also, if your vehicle happens to be worth more than it’s buyout, you could walk away with some extra money in your pocket. Who says cars aren’t good assets?

At the end of the day, it’s your decision as a customer to what direction best fits your current situation. We just know that our Indiana dealerships are chalk full of assistance, guidance, and reassurance towards returning your leased vehicle, whether you’re a current Castle family member, or someone we hope who one day joins.

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